Cleaning Appliances and Cookware with Vinegar
Uses for Vinegar: Cleaning Your Kitchen

Vinegar can be used to prevent grease buildup in your oven.

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Mos­t people find that the kitchen­ is the most difficult room in their home to keep clean. And with good reason! ­With an endless supply of spills, drips, greasy pans­, and foot traffic, kitchen cleanup can feel like an endless series of tasks.

But thanks to vinegar, you don't need a different commercial cleaner to tackle each problem. An indispensable tool in any kitchen, this ingredient can clean practically anything plus perform some nifty restoration and maintenance tricks.

Now you know that vinegar can be a key weapon in the never-e­nding battle of keeping your kitchen clean. In this article, we'll show you how to clean just about anythin­g in your kitchen using vinegar, from pans to sinks.

­We'll start with basic appliances, then move to other areas of the h­ouse: