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How to Keep Your Home Bug-free in the Summer

Keep It Clean
Clean up any bits of food that fall on the floor.
Clean up any bits of food that fall on the floor.

For bugs that do get inside, make food scarce by keeping a clean kitchen. Empty the garbage frequently, and wipe down counters after you cook. Store food in tightly sealed plastic, metal or other pest-proof containers. Don't leave out dirty dishes, especially overnight, when roaches and other nocturnal bugs are active.

Insects prefer dark, warm, damp areas. Eliminate any potential bug sites by fixing leaky pipes and clearing clogged gutters. Keep attics and crawl spaces ventilated. Stack firewood and landscaping bricks away from the home. Inspect items made of cardboard, wood and bamboo. They provide not only transport but also food for beetles, roaches and borers.

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