10 Grasses for Your Yard


Carpet Grass

Live in a warm climate? Carpet grass may be for you.
Live in a warm climate? Carpet grass may be for you.

A sturdy, warm season grass, carpet grass (Axonopus fissifolius) is disease- and insect-resistant, fills in quickly and creates a dense, wear-resistant mat. It prefers acidic, well-drained soil and regular watering. Carpet grass is a Gulf Coast, heat-loving native that can't tolerate freezing temperatures. It does well in sun or shade and will survive boggy conditions better than many other grass options.

Typically used as a utility grass because it grows fast and makes a dense mat that chokes out weeds, carpet grass can be an effective ground cover, but it's no beauty. It's coarse, uniformly pale green and produces seed heads very readily. Like buffalo grass, carpet grass can be used as a fill in for problem areas where children play or that see regular traffic.

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