Lawn Care

Lawn care is important in maintaining a beautiful home. Learn everything you need to know about lawn care, from sprinklers to composting to planting a lawn.

Whether you like to pile them up and jump in with abandon or rue the time of year when they fall, leaves are at the center of a heated debate.

Don't be alarmed if you find a few of these funky mushrooms popping up in your yard right when the weather turns cool and wet.

It's getting close to springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. Before you rev up your mower for the first cut of the season, learn (or relearn) what not to do to your lawn. You can thank us later.

Are you landscaping methods hurting the environment? Keep reading to discover new tips and tricks on eco-friendly lawn care.

Sure, a lush expanse of grassy turf is a pretty sight. But it requires a lot of water and harmful fertilizers. Is there a way to have a gorgeous lawn without all that needy grass?

Unlike traditional surface irrigation techniques, drip irrigation provides water directly to the roots of plants. You can learn more about drip irrigation from this article.

Riding mowers are ideal for larger lawns -- anything over half an acre. You can learn more about riding mowers from this article.

It's autumn. The leaves are turning colors and falling, and it's time to start bagging those leaves! Learn how to make bagging autumn leaves easier in this article.

The sun is warm, the breeze is cool and the steady hum of lawnmowers fills the air. It's time to make your grass look picture perfect.

Long a tool of professional landscaping companies, lawn and garden vacuums are slowly encroaching on leaf blowers as the yard cleanup tool of choice. How do these machines suck up your lawn's dead leaves?

You've mowed, weeded and raked your yard for hours -- but you're not done with your lawn just yet. If you don't pay attention to your lawn's edges, your yard will look a little sloppy. If you're still clueless, we'll show your how to edge your lawn -- or hire someone to do it for you.

It may be time to dethatch your lawn, but you'd never know it unless you know what to look for. You'd better find out, though -- it could make the difference between a healthy and decaying lawn.

You've found some dandelions in your garden, and would like to kill them before they overtake the whole area.

Chiggers can turn a fun day in the country into an itchy disaster.

When you want to get rid of the water bugs in your home, don't call a pest-control service.

If box elder bugs have taken up residence in your home, there's no need to call an exterminator.

You can kill stinkbugs in your garden with insecticides, nicotine water or soapy water, or have predators do the job for you.

You can't just apply fertilizer to your lawn any old way, whenever you want.

As people have become increasingly environmentally conscious, the eco-friendly reel mower has once again become popular. You can learn more about the reel mower from this article.

Factors, such as climate, watering, fertilizing and other maintenance-related tasks, go into deciding which grass to plant in a yard.

If you’ve always wanted to have a lawn that looks like something you’d see on an elegant golf course, bent grass is for you.

Horses need grass, both to play on and to eat, so what sort of grass is best?

Utility tractors can perform many tasks, including digging post holes, tilling soil and spreading manure. You can learn more about utility tractors from reading this article.

One of the chief benefits of using silt soil is that it’s able to be compacted easily. You can learn more about when you should use silt soil from reading this article.

Hydroponics is an innovative plant-growing technique that doesn’t use soil. You can learn more about hydroponics from this article.