10 Grasses for Your Yard


Bent Grass

Putting greens are usually made of bent grass.
Putting greens are usually made of bent grass.

A beautiful, fine-bladed, tufted grass that takes lots of tender loving care, bent grass (Agrostis Spp.) is often included in luxury lawn seed mixes. When you see the rolling lawns of English country estates in the movies or admire those lush golf course putting greens, you're probably looking at bent grass. Although it's available in a number of varieties, bent grass is typically the demanding princess of the cool season grasses. Its detractors will say that it's more work than it's worth, but there's a visceral appeal to the narrow blades and vivid color of this traditional English grass.

Bent grass establishes itself slowly, but if you're willing to put in the time mowing and maintaining it, it will eventually fill in to create a dense, verdant and impressive lawn. You'll have to water, fertilize and mow it often, though. It will also require regular treatment with pesticides to keep it healthy and happy. Of the bent grasses, colonial bent grass is the lowest-maintenance variety and thrives in cool, coastal locations.

Lets take a peek at a disease-resistant grass that looks good but doesn't require much maintenance: centipede grass.