10 Hardest Vegetables to Grow and Maintain


Artichokes can be a challenge for beginner gardeners because of their climate requirements and a certain pest. The globe artichoke is actually a native of the Mediterranean. They're grown as perennials in that part of the world. Due to similar climate conditions, artichokes work well as perennials in northern California, but may be difficult to grow as perennials in other areas of the nation. Since artichokes like moderate conditions, grow them as annuals in cold winter and hot summer areas.

Along with proper temperatures, artichokes also have problems with aphids. This green plant-sucking insect can stunt the leaves and can also spread viruses that can hurt the plant.

Whether you're trying to grow artichokes or carrots, one of the first steps to successfully growing vegetables is researching the plants you want to grow and learning what their specific needs are so that you can make the best decisions for your garden.

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