10 Most Infamous Stains in History

Bloody Brothers
This painting depicts Joseph's father, Jacob, weeping at the sight of his son's blood-stained coat. ©Hulton Archive/Getty Images

In the Bible's Book of Genesis, a story of murderous jealousy unfolds, and a coat becomes a legendary symbol of humankind's inhumanity.

In the tale, a man named Jacob gave his favorite son Joseph a many-colored coat. The coat immediately drew the envy of his brothers, who disliked the act of favoritism and suspected that Jacob intended for Joseph to become the family leader.

The 11 brothers began plotting against Joseph. Eventually, they dragged him away and sold him to a group of slave merchants. Then they smeared goat blood on Joseph's coat and showed it to their father, hoping to convince him that Joseph had been killed by wild animals. Jacob believed the brothers and went into mourning for his lost son.

In the meantime, Jacob managed to rise from his shackles to become one of the most powerful men in Egypt. He was eventually reunited with his father, and they both wept in joy upon seeing each other. In the centuries since, the story relates the ongoing human drama of sin, suffering and redemption.