5 Tips on Eco-friendly Lawn Care

4: Mulch and Compost

Properly disposing of lawn waste is a cheap and easy way to help the environment. Mulch and compost are yard wastes that have been organically broken down and recycled by Mother Earth. But you need to aid in the process.

You can do one of three things with your lawn clippings after you mow. Your first option (also the easiest) is to mulch while you mow. This is handled easily enough with a mulching blade on your mower. If you don't have one, you can pick one up at your local hardware or home improvement store for less than $15 and install it quickly, even with limited know-how. Second you can bag clippings for disposal. This takes a little more time and effort, plus you'll have to pay for yard waste bags and possibly waste removal, too. Thirdly, you can create a compost pile.

Composting recycles organic material to be spread back into the earth for nutritional purposes. Virtually any organic material has some nutritional value that will benefit plants. When grass clippings decompose, they add to the overall nutrition of the compost. You can buy compost bins or build your own relatively cheaply.

With mulching, you get the best of both worlds. Mulching saves you time and energy and the grass clippings provide up to 25 percent of the fertilizer your lawn needs. Lawn clippings can be used for erosion control in flower beds and other areas conducive to runoff from heavy rainfall. All of these benefits are great for the ecosystem.