5 Tips on Eco-friendly Lawn Care

2: Use Eco-friendly Lawn Care Equipment

Parking your car and walking can help prevent polluting the air, and parking your gas-powered lawnmower will help, too. Instead of using gas-guzzling power tools such as lawn mowers, edgers, trimmers and blowers, why not go electric?

You can find both corded and cordless power tools at any home improvement retailer. Battery-operated lawn tools are great for their portability, but not as good for overall performance. Batteries don't provide as much consistent power as your electrical outlets do. But using an electric lawnmower is where you'll make the most difference.

According to researchers at the University of Idaho College of Agriculture, gas-powered lawn mowers produce an estimated 10 percent of all air pollutants formed from portable gasoline machines. In addition, mowers don't adhere to the same EPA standards as gasoline-powered cars, so their emissions could be more toxic. Up until recently, the only way to circumvent the gas mower was the good old push-reel mowers. But now you can buy both corded and battery-powered mowers, too.

If you have a bigger yard, you can even get an electric riding mower. The Hustler Zeon is a zero-turn electric riding mower with a 42-inch (106.7-centimeter) cutting deck. The Zeon mows for 90 minutes on a single (14-hour) charge and has no fluids, filters or fumes to worry about. Not only will you cut down on emissions, you'll save money in the long run with electric power equipment. Electricity prices don't fluctuate like gas prices.