10 Privacy Tips for Dorm Living

Don't Bring Too Much Stuff
Save space by only bringing the most essential items.
Save space by only bringing the most essential items.
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College gives you the opportunity to break with your high school image and establish a new identity. So, don't eat up space in your tiny dorm room with items from your past. The less stuff you have, the more privacy you have. Imagine how hard it is to feel a sense personal space if your roommate's hanging plant eclipses your photo display. If you want to bring items of emotional value from home, just be practical about it. Leave the medals you won at the state finals track meet, but bring the state champion T-shirt.

The same rule applies to furnishings. A bed and desk are standard issue in the typical dorm room. They may not be as nice as the ones you had at home, but they're there and can't be removed to make room for yours. So, leave your computer station at your parents' house.

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