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Dust is made up of dead skin cells, pollen, mold, bacteria, lead, arsenic, pesticides and decomposing fibers from the things around us. It's gross, and you shouldn't let it go unchecked. But how often do you really need to dust your dorm?

By Maria Trimarchi

You're not going to like the answer. You're also not going to like what can happen if this creeping crud goes untreated.

By John Perritano

In college you might be unlucky enough to live with him or her – the slobby roommate. Or you might be the "relaxed" one, forced to live with an annoying neat freak. How can the two of you coexist happily?

By Julia Layton


It's a jungle in there. Especially when sharing a bathroom with a bunch of people. Follow these basic etiquette and personal hygiene tips and you just might live to tell the tale of your shared bathroom experience.

By Chris Opfer

Sure, it's nausea-inducing to imagine the insidious germs that slink around a communal shower or crowd the toilet handle of a shared bathroom. But as far as germs go, is a dorm bathroom really any worse than your computer keyboard?

By Kate Kershner

You know the mantra for the Navy SEALs that says, "Leave no man behind"? When you're heading for the showers in your dorm, leave no flip-flop behind.

By John Perritano

Ready for college? You have your laptop and backpack. How about your hazmat suit? Oh, no one told you about the dorm bathroom? Read on to get prepared for this toxic environment!

By Julia Layton


Really? You're supposed to live in this tiny room with two other people? Is there any way to create some personal time and space in an area this cramped?

By Christine Venzon

You're really excited for college, but nothing can bring you down to earth faster than the idea of sharing your space with a stranger. Here are five rules to set with your new roomie before things get awkward.

By Linda C. Brinson

If you learn to organize, you can transform your crowded dorm room into a vibrant, comfortably tricked-out cave of coziness. These tips will help you make good use of the limited space.

By Akweli Parker

Studio apartments aren't big on space, so good organization is a must. Keep reading to learn How to Get the Most Out of a Studio Apartment.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus


Making the transition from living at home to living in a college dorm room can be difficult, especially if you don't have much space to work with. But with a little planning, you can make your dorm feel a little bigger.

By Jane McGrath

Going to college is a rite of passage that requires lots of decisions, including where to stay. Should you try out dorm life or settle down in an apartment with roommates? We'll give you some food for thought.

By Shanna Freeman

Dorm life can be fun, but all that communal living can sometimes invite infestations. From bedbugs to roaches, we'll tell you how to survive the invasion.

By Shanna Freeman

It's much easier to prevent an infestation than it is to cope with one that's already underway. Follow these tips to keep your dorm room pest free.

By Cherise Threewitt


Unfortunately, the sloppy lives many students lead attract critters to residence halls. If you don't want bugs and other pests in your dorm room, you'll have to be careful.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

When you leave for college, there may be many things you want to take, but there some that you simply can't live without. You may be surprised what you find necessary.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Studio apartments can pose a big challenge when it comes to decorating. How do you fit the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and office in one space, but keep them separate at the same time? Easy! We'll show you.

By Sara Elliott

A studio apartment can be cramped or cozy, intimate or ugly. It's all how you look at it or, rather, how you make it look.

By Sara Elliott


Living in the dorms is one of the hallmarks of the college life, but is it the best part of the university experience? We outline five good reasons to love dorm life.

By Allison Wachtel

Depending on your personality, you may be thrilled with the idea of college dorm life -- or you may be on the verge of a panic attack. Try to relax. This is going to be fun.

By Christopher Lampton

If you really want to get along with your college dorm roommate, you'll need to take a few simple steps that will make living together much more bearable -- and maybe even fun.

By Jamie Page Deaton

The toilet handle. The light switch. These are places in the bathroom we forget to clean. And in a dorm bathroom used by lots of people, leaving these forgotten areas dirty can be damaging to your health. What else should be added to the list?

By Laurie L. Dove