What is a crescent wrench used for?

A crescent wrench, also called an adjustable wrench, comes in a range of sizes, from 4 to 24 inches (10 to 61 centimeters). A crescent wrench has one fixed jaw, while the second jaw can move left or right. The adjustability of the crescent wrench allows it to be used on many different sizes of bolts. While the crescent wrench is itself adjustable, you still need to make sure you are using the right size crescent wrench for the job at hand.

Specifically, a crescent wrench can be used on a wide range of nuts and hex-headed bolts, although it doesn't get much use in the craft shop. A crescent wrench is used mostly on the road for vehicle repairs. A crescent wrench can be used on cars and trucks in a wide number of ways. It's also recommended to keep a crescent wrench beneath the seat of your motorcycle, as it has many uses for fixing your bike, as well. A crescent wrench is also commonly used when addressing problems such as a loose seat on a bicycle. Many handy people and do-it-yourselfers believe the crescent wrench is the single most important tool a bicyclist can keep while on the road.


Because the crescent wrench can be used on all sorts of vehicles and for lots of problems, you want to invest in a quality wrench. You can find a crescent wrench for just a few dollars, but it won't last long (unless you hardly use it, of course). A good crescent wrench will be made of high-quality chrome-vandium steel, and you can buy a quality one that will last a long time for around $15.