Home Improvement Tools

Any home improvement endeavor will be simpler with good home improvement tools and materials. Become familiar with home improvement tools and materials.

You've probably been irritated by jackhammer noise at some point, but have you ever stopped to think about these marvels of concrete-busting power? Without them, demolition would be a whole lot more difficult.

Electrical tools may get all the glory when it comes to DIY, but there are plenty of tools that that never need batteries or cords. Here are 10 tools that only need the power of the hands that wield them.

We love our power drill, but for some jobs, nothing beats a good old hand tool. What are some of the must-haves for your toolbox?

Humans love integrating tech into absolutely everything -- even screwdrivers. We've had power screwdrivers for a long time, but now, your tools can interpret your commands based solely on the position of your hand.

Drills have a big job to do in a small amount of space. Find out how this handy tool gets its powerful punch in this image gallery.

Spray paint has left an indelible mark on world culture. How did it go from home-improvement solution to cultural icon? Find out in How Spray Paint Works.

Construction work requires power tools that can do the heavy-duty work as quickly and easily as possible. Learn what type of nail gun is best to install floor studs in this article.

Machine screws come in a variety of materials. Learn which type of stainless steel is the most common for machine screws in this article.

Metric drill bits are regular bits that are measured using the metric system. Use this article to learn about which drills use metric bits.

While drilling through plastic can be done using any power drill, it’s important to have the correct drill bits so you don’t chip or crack the material. Learn about the type of drill bits you need for plastic from this article.

Used in a variety of everyday applications, adhesives come in many forms, including glue, tape and sealant. Learn more about what makes adhesives sticky from this article.

Vinyl adhesives can be tough to remove, and it may require more than just elbow grease. Learn what a good vinyl adhesive cleaner is from this article.

There is a wide range of adhesives available for installing vinyl floors. Learn more about the best types of adhesives for vinyl floors from this article.

To cut concrete with a circular saw, you need an abrasive blade. Learn about the best type of blade for sawing concrete in this article.

You need a circular saw blade with fine teeth to cut through laminate countertops. Learn how to choose the right circular saw blade for cutting laminate kitchen countertops.

Start with a moderate grit and move to a finer grit of sandpaper when working on walls. Learn about the best type of sandpaper for walls from this article.

Torque wrenches measure the torque, or force, applied to fasteners. Learn about the best type of torque wrench to use for headlights in this article.

Silkspan is a heavyweight tissue used to cover model airplanes and other replicas. Learn about the process for applying silkspan with white glue in this article.

Socket wrenches come with long handles to which different size sockets can be attached for tightening different size fasteners. Learn more about the size order of socket wrenches from this article.

Steel wool is made in part of iron, and iron is prone to rust. Learn what makes steel wool rust in this article.

Internal cuts are made in wood from the center. Learn the two ways to make internal cuts using a saber saw in this article.

Use a carbide-tipped abrasive cutoff wheel circular saw blade for cutting metals. Learn what type of circular saw blade you need to cut metal in this article.

A crescent wrench is similar to a monkey wrench except its jaws are parallel to the handle. Learn what a crescent wrench looks like in this article.

When you put together a basic tool set for building and fix-it jobs at home, you’ll want at least one Phillips head screwdriver. Find out what a Phillips head screwdriver looks like in this article.

Hammer drills and impact drivers exert great force but from different directions. Learn about the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver.