www.HowStuffWorks.com is Helping People Understand the Main Issues Impacting Election 2004

ATLANTA (October 05, 2004) - As news surrounding the presidential debates dominates headlines, it's easy to lose track of the various issues impacting the coming election. By compiling publicly available statistics, quotes, overviews and voting records, HowStuffWorks explains how the candidates align themselves with top issues facing voters today.

HowStuffWorks has condensed explanations of some of the most highly debated issues, including: the federal deficit, employment, homeland security, school improvement and Iraq.

"Our team of talented writers has scoured a variety of sources to centralize and summarize information that will help explain many of the complicated issues affecting the upcoming elections," says Gabe Vehovsky, Vice President of Business Development for the Convex Group, which owns and operates HowStuffWorks. "As with all of our features, we strive to develop a concise and comprehensive explanation while remaining both informative and entertaining. It's a style of writing completely unique to HowStuffWorks."

Additionally, HowStuffWorks has added a new article, "How the Swing States Work," that aims to demystify the heavily-debated battleground states.

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