Build a Compost Box in Your Apartment

home composting photo

Not all of us live in fabulous solar-powered eco-dwellings. Many of us live in cruddy, old apartments and have mean landlords who look like they tie women to railroad tracks in silent movies. It can be hard to be a green renter. One of the common misconceptions about renting is that an apartment dweller is unable to compost. That is not true. Here is what is true.


Figuring Out the Best Method of Composting For You

Figure out how much food waste you create. Hate crusts? Eat a lot of shelled nuts? Do you have a balcony? Some spare room?

1.Determine the best place for compost: Under the sink, in a closet, on the balcony, in a window flower box.


2.Obtain something to compost in: A plastic/metal box, a garbage can.

3.Punch holes in the base and sides of your composting box.

4.Get a tarp or a tray to go under your compost box.

5.You will need some soil or fertilizer to start. Place a three-inch layer of soil into the box. You will also need to sprinkle in a handful or two of dry bedding. This can be leaves, newspaper, (no colored inks or glossy mags) straw, dry grass clippings, cardboard, nutshells.

6.Learn what can be composted and what cannot.

7.Shred, pulverize, cut your compostables as finely as possible to speed process.

8.Add equal parts dry bedding to the compost heap.

9.Stir the compost every week or two.

10.Add a handful of fresh soil every fortnight to refresh microbe supply.

11.If composter emits odor, add more dry bedding. If it?s dripping liquids, add more dry bedding.

12.Create another compost box.

13.Once your original box begins to get full, scoop out fine soil-like compost into your new box. You should have one box for finished compost and one box for compost in the making.


Using Your Compost

Now that you have a compost bin. You?re going to want to use your compost. Here are some suggestions.

1.Potted plants. 2.Bush outside. 3.Flower pots. 4.Neighborhood composting projects where applicable. 5.Community flower garden. 6.The park. 7.Offer it up as fertilizer on Craigslist. 8.Rooftop garden.