Conserve Energy with Plastic Window Insulation

frosty window photo
Carol Gering/iStock

Putting plastic over your windows is just one of may ways to conserve energy this winter. Some people think it's tacky. I think it's tackier to waste energy. And nothing is tacky about saving money. You can save up to 20 dollars per window per winter. (depending on furnace type and locale) That's a big heap of money. You could roll around in that money, but you'd be better off leaving it in your bank account.

3M is reported to make some of the best window film around. The 3M company even provides you with an energy-savings calculator so you can find out how much money you'd save with their window film.


How to Install Window Plastic Window Insulation

Window film is easy to install. All you need is are some scissors, a blade, tape and a hair dryer. Clean the windows off. This will allow the plastic to stick to the glass. Measure the amount of plastic that you will need. Cut out the correct amount. Tape the plastic to the outer edge of the window frame. Once the plastic is secure. Use the hair dryer to blow hot air at the center of the plastic. This will cause the plastic to stretch tight across the window. Use the blade to cut away excess.

Sit back and save.