Where to Donate Old Trophies


We all like to win. Who doesn't? Winners often get trophies that they can hold aloft like a baby Lion King. But what happens when the thrill of victory dissipates? What happens when the trophy for 'most pies eaten near a waterfall' no longer seems relevant to the person you are today? You may want to ditch those trophies. But how?

There are plenty of crafty reuses for trophies. One can make a decorative yard ornament or put trophies in a terrarium with their turtle, or a person could make an art piece that represents the 'inner trophy in all mankind.' But I don't hearken to crafty ideas. I like practical ideas. I'm no fun. My face is stern and pallid. See that little picture of me at the top of this web page? That?s the only time I've ever smiled.

Here are three places to donate those impossible-to-recycle trophies.