Can installing a green roof save you money?

The Chicago City Hall green roof helps cool the building and minimize water run-off. See more green living pictures.
Photo courtesy of courtesy of DOE/NREL I Photographer: Katrin Scholz-Barth

­The short answer to this question is, "Yes." The long answer can be a bit complicated. The initial costs of installing a green roof are much more expensive than the costs of other roofing methods [source: Greenroofs]. There's a lot that must go into building a roof that can sustain living vegetation while simultaneously protecting your house from the elements. However, over time, the benefits of a green roof could help save you money and help to protect the environment. And so, many people look at it as an investment.

A green roof could save you money on your electric bill. No, the plants on top of your house won't produce energy -- or at least, not the kind you'll need to run your microwave -- but what they will do is help reduce your cooling costs during hot summer months [source: Chattanoogan]. Plants and greenery help to absorb the sun's rays adding an extra layer of protection between harsh UV rays and your roof's membrane. This will help keep your house cooler so the air conditioner won't have to work as hard.

The next money-saving aspect might come as a bit of a surprise. Normal roofs deteriorate and end up needing to be replaced. Green roofs also deteriorate, but much more slowly. The same principle that protects the roof's covering from UV rays protects it from other elements as well.

­A green roof can also save you money in handling storm water run-off. People go to great lengths to install drainage systems along their roofs. Rainwater pouring off your roof has the ability to do quite a bit of damage. It can cause erosion surrounding the base of your house and easily demolish costly landscaping. A green roof can absorb a huge amount of that rain. Some are even capable of containing 100 percent of it [source: MSU].

When considering a green roof, it's best to think about the long-term benefits. By spending more money up front, you may save money later. As green roofs become more popular, it's likely that government incentives and tax breaks will be offered as well.

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