5 Reuses for Guitar Strings

guitar strings photo
Nathan Watkins/istockphoto

All those rockers out there are doing the planet a disservice when they smash their guitars on the stage. Sure, the rock star has just endeared himself to every thirteen-year-old boy in a Metallica shirt, but maybe the rock star should set his sights just a little higher. One of the ways that rocker can set his sights higher is to reuse his old guitar strings. Here are some ideas.

1.Hanging pictures Use the guitar string as wire to hang pictures on the wall.


2.Jewelry Some rock stars are having their old guitar strings turned into bracelets. The guitar-string jewelry is being sold and the profits are going to charity. That's great for rock stars. If you're not famous like me, you can just make run-of-the-mill necklaces and bracelets and donate that jewelry to your "looking sweet" campaign.


The Second String Project takes old guitar strings and donates them to needy musicians. That's, from what I understand, the majority of musicians. I wish there was a charity for needy bloggers that passed out back rubs.

4.Arts and Crafts

Here's a picture of flowers made from guitar strings. Other suggestions found around the web were cat toys and mobiles.

5.Cut the Cheese

The finest guitar string, the one that plays the highest note, can be used to cut fine slices of cheese.