Tween Room Ideas for Under $100

inexpensive tween room
Updating your tweens' room doesn't need to be an expensive endeavor.


If your tween feels like bedroom dècor is cramping his or her style, you may want to consider updating it. But the cost of redoing a bedroom can quickly skyrocket, especially if you comply with every one of your tween's desires for the ultimate pad.


When you decide to redecorate a tween's room, first talk to him or her about budgeting. Find out if there are any specific items that your tween son or daughter wants in the bedroom, then figure out how to incorporate them into a cost-effective design that will last. If it involves a major furniture overhaul, you may want to check out thrift stores and secondhand shops. But there are a number of simple tweaks you can make in a tween's room that will give it a fresh feel.

5. Change Up the Walls

Altering the wall color and decoration can make a big impact with little dough. If your tween daughter has grown out of her pink princess phase, a coat of marigold, sage or light teal paint might do the trick. Boys might like more masculine tones, such as navy blue and forest green. Chalkboard paint that you can write on might also appeal to tweens.

If you're worried your tween's taste will change soon after the paint dries, many stores offer a variety of wall decals and temporary stickers that are good alternatives to wallpaper. They come in various geometric shapes and silhouettes for boys and girls. You can also hang tapestries or interesting fabrics to serve as backdrops for beds or accent walls.


4. Add Fun Flooring

You'd be surprised at how much a rug or carpet can change the style of a room. Although it may seem like a minimal step, finding a neat rug for your tween's room can give it a new point of interest. Go for hip, bold patterns, such as rainbow stripes or mod polka dots. Shaggy textures give rugs a retro ambiance and provide another comfy space for lounging around. Tween girls may especially be drawn to animal-print carpets that match solid-colored bedding.

You can also use funky rugs to pull together parts of the bedroom in updated ways. Create a lounge area with a cozy shag rug and a floor lamp. Or use one to tie together an inviting study space.


3. Swap Out Bedding

Since the bed is usually the centerpiece of the bedroom, giving it a facelift can affect the tone of the entire space. Some stores offer comforter slip covers — a good option if your tween might want to revamp the bed routinely. Or, you can choose from bed-in-a-bag collections of sheets, pillowcases and comforters. You can easily find tween bedding sets that run less than $100 — much less if you order online or hit your local Wal-Mart or Target. To avoid buying new bedding in the near future, encourage your tween to pick out classic patterns and vivid colors that will outlast his or her current pop culture obsessions.

If there's room in the budget, think about adding some decorative pillows to the bed. Tween girls might like monogrammed pillow sets. Boys might prefer sports-themed pillows bearing their favorite team's logo, for instance. Giving a bed a new headboard also matures the sleeping space.


2. Brighten Up Lighting

The lighting in a room determines a lot about how warm or cool it feels. As tweens grow older, they'll probably spend more time in their room, and you want that space to be as comfortable as possible. Multiple light sources give tweens greater control over the atmosphere in the room as. To revamp the look of a bedroom with lighting, here are a just a few ideas:

  • Hang holiday lights around the ceiling for a soft glow.
  • String brightly colored lantern-style lights for a festive accent in a lounge area.
  • Achieve a retro cool look with a lava lamp on a desk or dresser.
  • Create a college dorm-style room with kitschy neon signs.
  • Add table lamps with colored lampshades to coordinate with wall coverings and bedding.


1. Rearrange Furniture

This may sound like a no-brainer, but rearranging the furniture in a tween's room and adding a few inexpensive accessories may be all you need to do. Consider the different ways that your tween now uses a bedroom. It's his or her personal study space, lounge, dressing room and sleeping quarters. With the furniture you have, divide the room into those different functional areas, almost like decorating a studio apartment.

For instance, if the desk is next to the bed, separate them. Move any televisions and entertainment devices into a corner to delineate between a workspace and a chill-out zone. Suspending floor-length curtains can cordon off sections for added privacy, which your tween will treasure. Once your furniture layout is complete, you'll know if you need to buy any extra lamps, seating or other dècor.