10 Great Craft Room Ideas


Letting in the Light

Your craft room may have a work counter, desk, equipment kiosk and probably quite a few storage shelves, bins and boxes. To make the most of the space, you need to be able to see what you're doing. A central ceiling fixture paired with a desk lamp isn't going to be enough. Sure, if you have access to lots of sunlight coming through the windows, or better, from a skylight, great -- but what do you do when the sun goes down?

Task lighting puts the light where you need it, whether you're trying to find the right eyelet or thread an uncooperative needle. Although you can go with multiple table lamps designed to illuminate workstations around your craft room, track lighting offers some big advantages. It frees up important countertop and table space, and you can move the fixtures along the track (and sometimes even bend the track itself) to suit your changing needs. Track lighting isn't as clunky as it used to be, and some modern fixtures mount right to an outlet or to the electrical service in your ceiling, so you won't need to hire an electrician to install them.