Decorating Styles and Techniques

Decorating styles and techniques for home design abound, giving you lots of options for your home. Learn how to make the decision that is right for your design and technique preferences.

Shabby chic is a design style that celebrates the unique beauty in imperfection. It's about blending a light color palate with distressed surfaces or objects that hint at a more genteel past.

Neutral colors used to be all about white and beige. Now, due to ever-changing trends in home decor, gray is considered a neutral color. Pair it with bright accents to really make a statement, and you could have a room straight out of a magazine.

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of household goods -- if you know what to look for. These five items on our list can be purchased fairly inexpensively and turned into something your family can enjoy for generations.

Sure, beige is a lovely color. But to achieve emotion and style through color itself, you typically need go with something a bit more, well, colorful. What are five of the most popular, interesting and of-the-moment colors to introduce in your abode?

Prefab homes have come a long way from rundown trailer parks. What cutting-edge features are making these homes more visually appealing, as well as environmentally friendly?

If your guy has a man cave, chances are it's got a dedicated space to watch or play sports or video games and another dedicated space to keep the suds on ice. But we bet he wouldn't mind upgrading his cave, say to the Batcave.

You've double checked the guest list, sent out the invites and made the shopping list. But no one wants to come to dinner, and you don't know why. Could your dining room be a major turn-off to potential company?

Is your dining room used two days a year, only to sit empty and sad the other 354 days because you have an eat-in kitchen? Well, it's time to get over yourself and put that room to good use.

You've probably had grand visions of how to decorate your first home ever since your first landlord nixed your funky paint idea. Unfortunately, your man may have some ideas of his own, too.

It's natural to feel the need to spruce up your home every once in a while. If your living spaces look drab and your checkbook looks bleak, don't worry -- we've got some inexpensive tips for you.

You don't know charmeuse from chenille and can't choose a paint color to save your life. Clueless people like you are how interior decorators make a mint. If you hire a pro to prettify your home, you need to know these 10 industry secrets.

Have you ever been watching your favorite television show and wondered what it would be like to live in the characters' houses? If you've ever dreamed of living in style at the Beverly Hillibillies' mansion or drinking coffee with the locals in Twin Peaks, then this list is for you.

Your home's decor says a lot about your personality and level of taste. But is your basket collection making a positive statement or a negative one? What about that plaid wallpaper? To stay stylish and current, strike any of these 10 design don'ts from your decor scheme.

New styles of home designs have taken a drastic turn to modern and new age styling. Get ready to see some of the hot new home designs in home furnishing stores.

Mid-century has now turned sleek and modern. Over the years people with an eye for design are able to enhance and achieve a modern twist to mid-century decor and home design that we now see today.

Advancements in technology over the years has lead to the improvements of our living quarters. Any thing from energy saving techniques to cutting time and effort on every day things in the household.

As with fashion, interior decorating and architecture go through a carousel of trends. Some of these are good, like the green movement or hardwood floors. But some are bad -- very, very bad.

Whether you're refurnishing or making small improvements, these Home Made Simple ideas will give you great tips for decorating your home and adding a personal touch.

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