Decorating Styles and Techniques

Decorating styles and techniques for home design abound, giving you lots of options for your home. Learn how to make the decision that is right for your design and technique preferences.


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Is All That Shines Really Sterling Silver?

The Brits standardized what it means for an item to be sterling silver way back in 14th century. But how can you tell if something is sterling or not?

Why Porcelain Has Been the Most Prized Ceramic for Centuries

The Chinese have been making porcelain as far back as perhaps the first century. Why did it take hundreds of years for the process to be duplicated anywhere else?

From Cows to Cabinetry: Milk Paint and 6 Awesome Uses for It

Milk paint is made of, well, milk. It's also easy to mix, super fast drying, eco-friendly and requires no sanding and priming before use.

6 Tips for Creating a Cozy, Charming Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse style is an eclectic mix of traditional charm and quirky character that lends a cozy, warm feel to any space where comfort is key.

How Subway Tile Moved From the Underground to the Urban Home

Subway tiles were created specifically for use in the New York City subway system, but consumers love them too, as they add a touch of retro urban sophistication to almost any home.

Removable Wallpaper: The Temporary Trend That's Sticking Around

The glue, the scraping, the mess, the hours of torture and pain. If the idea of using wallpaper anywhere in your home conjures up images of sheer agony, then temporary, removable paper was made for you.

Why Wainscoting Has Stood the Test of Time

Wainscoting might conjure up images of stodgy oak paneling. But forget that. This design element has stood the test of time because it can seamlessly blend into just about every style and decor.

Holy Shiplap! This Easy-to-install Wall Treatment Is a Perennial Favorite

The overlapping rabbet joint that defines true shiplap is the same kind of joint that made seagoing ships watertight.

Using Paint to Update a Room

Give your room a quick and easy makeover with one of these fun paint ideas.

Knock it Down: Open Floor Plan 101

Opening up your floor plan can completely transform your home -- and the way you live in it.

5 Modern Shabby Chic Styles for Your Home

Shabby chic is a design style that celebrates the unique beauty in imperfection. It's about blending a light color palate with distressed surfaces or objects that hint at a more genteel past.

Classic Design: Living Room Décor

Why is it that when we set out to update a room sometimes it just doesn't quite hit the mark? Yes, we can be proud of the new window treatments and the couch has some smart new pillows, but it still has a time-worn feel

Classic Design: Closet Case

Our closets are most often overlooked as an area where we can incorporate styling and decor. Check out this post by Doug Wilson to learn about organizing and decorating your closets.

Classic Design: The Great Outdoors

Summer has hit, so let's live it up stylishly in our backyards!

How to Preserve Flowers

If you know how to preserve your flowers, they can last well into the winter months. Learn about how to preserve flowers in this article.

How to Press Flowers

When you know how to press flowers you can save the beauty of summer in a picture frame. Learn about how to press flowers in this article.

How to Fold Napkins

Your boss is coming to dinner next week and you want to impress him with fancy folded table napkins. Here are two ways to fold napkins.

How to Decorate Ceramics

Your child has been busy making ceramic crafts at day camp and now you'd like to teach her how to decorate them. Read here for some ideas about how to decorate ceramics.

Is gray the new neutral?

Neutral colors used to be all about white and beige. Now, due to ever-changing trends in home decor, gray is considered a neutral color. Pair it with bright accents to really make a statement, and you could have a room straight out of a magazine.

How to Tarnish Copper

Did you ever wonder how to tarnish copper to give a copper urn an antique look? This article shows you how to tarnish copper.

Is it possible to make tiny home offices out of closets?

It's possible to make tiny home offices out of closets simply by reconfiguring the doors, adding a small desk and using space wisely. Find out whether it's possible to make tiny home offices out of closets in this article.

5 Cool Thrift Store Finds -- What to Look For and What's a Good Deal

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of household goods -- if you know what to look for. These five items on our list can be purchased fairly inexpensively and turned into something your family can enjoy for generations.

How to Design a Mirror

You want to design a mirror, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to design a mirror in this article.

How to Make Painted Furniture Look Old

You want to make painted furniture look old, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make painted furniture look old in this article.