10 Great Craft Room Ideas

Relying on Labels
The label maker: An organizer's best friend.
The label maker: An organizer's best friend.

One great (or terrible) thing about crafting is that most craft specialties incorporate lots and lots of little stuff. If it isn't buttons for sewing, it's essentials for jewelry making, or scrapbooking stamps or coloring pens. If you're just starting out, you may think you'll keep your inventory under control, but leftovers from old projects, works-in-progress, great bargains and guilty indulgences can really get out of hand.

We won't even get into the way one crafting specialty, like beading or scrapbooking, can morph into another, like embroidery, crochet or quilting. After a while, it can be hard to keep everything straight. This is when a label maker will become your best friend. Yes, using clear containers helps, but when each drawer is crammed full of dozens (if not hundreds) of items, taking inventory of your stock with category-specific labels is a big help.