Can the color of a room affect your mood?

Warm and Inviting Colors

Certain colors are more comforting than others. Think about it: Would you want to visit the dentist or undergo surgery in a bright red room? Not likely. Most of us tend to spend the majority of our time in rooms with light, peaceful tones. Let's take a look at some colors that can make anyone feel at home.

Yellow is perhaps the most peaceful color out there. It's the color of spring, wealth, sunshine and happiness. Rooms draped in yellow tend to promote optimism, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. This color can work for virtually any room, as long as the tone isn't too bright. A soft, peaceful yellow is only a few hues away from a loud and aggressive gold, so unless you want to think of bumble bees and yield signs every time you walk in the door, stick to tones on the lighter end of the yellow spectrum.


White is the color of peace, innocence, marriage and snow. It's a color that, in modern society, has come to represent cleanliness and sanitation. Outside of their implied sterility, white rooms tend to be comfortable but unemotional spaces. In fact, occupants' attention is usually drawn to the room's furnishings, and as anyone who has accidentally dribbled food onto a white T-shirt can tell you, this color shows everything. White works for any space, but be warned: Cluttered environments appear even more disorderly inside white walls, so they require a bit more attention to keep up. The good news is that your messy 8-year-old or even messier husband may choose pick up his toys and belongings every once in a while in a white environment.

As the color of the ocean and the sky, blue represents harmony, tranquility and reliability. Blue rooms can have a positive effect on creativity, and the calming effects of the color tend to ease moods and even lower heart rates. It doesn't matter if you're at work, in the bedroom or in the bathroom -- any space can look great and promote a sense of relaxation if it's a peaceful, calm shade of blue.

The word itself has come to symbolize nature, so it's not surprising that green rooms tend to evoke feelings of rejuvenation and freshness. Green symbolizes good health, but many people find that certain shades of the color make them feel ill, so it's not the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Bedrooms, living rooms and hallways go great in green, as long as it's a clean shade. Think turtles and treetops, not snot or swamps.