4 Ways to Decorate with Grass

By: Home Made Simple
Use Grass to Decorate
Add some nature and style to any room with a simple planter of fresh grass.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

When people think of indoor plants, the last thing that comes to mind is grass. But this overlooked flower has become a popular addition to interior decorating, exuding vibrant green hues and inspiring sunny sensibilities. Follow our steps, from seed to centerpiece, and watch the grass and your smile grow.

There is silk grass available, but it is so simple to grow grass that it's silly to buy fake. And with fresh, green grass you can really bring the sunny feeling of spring indoors, even on rainy days.


1. Grow Grass Grow

Plant your grass today, and in three to four days you should start seeing sprouts-and in ten days your grass will be ready to display!

Use a fast draining potting mix, like cactus mix. Place some screen mesh at the bottom of your pot to aid drainage, then scoop in the soil. Leave about an inch from the top of the pot and level it off.


At this point, water the soil very well so the seeds have a moist bed to lie in. Then sprinkle the seed generously over the soil. Rye grass grows especially well indoors. Sprinkle a little more soil over the seeds, then use a mist spray bottle to keep the soil moist for the next few days. In a few days, you'll see some green.

2. Proper Potting

Grass is such a versatile design element that it can really reflect and enhance almost any decorating style, so it's important that your container fits that style. Therefore, choose your planters carefully.

To create a modern look, choose a container that has sleek lines, perhaps with a rectangular or hexagonal shape. For a more traditional look, find a more classic looking Grecian urn or carved planter. Even the tried and true clay flowerpot looks new and different with grass.


You can find many styles of containers at any home or garden center. For the latest styles of containers, you may want to go to a high-end or boutique garden store. You can also search the internet for "indoor pots and planters."

3. Get Creative

You can also create your own planter. Some creative gardening containers include tea tins and wicker baskets lined with plastic. Challenge yourself to come up with a neat and unexpected container to grow your grass in. Just make sure these creative containers have enough drainage, as grass doesn't like "wet feet."


4. Pretty Placements

Now that you have your grass planted, here are some decorating ideas:

  • Place a row of smaller grass planters down the middle of your dinner table for an intriguing centerpiece.
  • A long, narrow planter with grass shooting out the top is a nice cap to a credenza or a low hall cabinet.
  • Smaller pots full of grass look very pretty on windowsills.
  • Ease the transition from outdoors to indoors by placing a pot of grass near sliding glass doors.
  • Place one next to the sink in the bathroom for a simple shot of color and life.
  • For seasonal celebrations, arrange decorated eggs on top of your grass. Or, for a golfer in your family, tee up some golf balls on your grass decorations.

It's odd how grass can give a natural and down-to-earth feel, while at the same time feel sleek and modern, but that's why it is such an intriguing interior design element. Try growing a pot of grass now, and in ten days you'll have a whole new look in your home.