Kids' Rooms

Coming up with a plan before you start buying things will create visual order and, ultimately, a space you and your child be proud of.
Designer: Julia Blailock, ASID, Blailock Design

Few tasks can be as delightful -- and as daunting -- as creating a room for that miraculous creature, your child. Since you're reading this article, it's clear your child's happiness and healthy development are high on your list of priorities. Whether you are decorating and furnishing your firstborn's room or are making a special place for later arrivals of any age, you know every child is a magical, unique individual who's constantly evolving. And their special spaces are constantly evolving, as well -- from cozy baby nurseries to colorful playrooms to walls of teenage self-expression.

Throughout the following pages, you'll get decorating ideas for children of all age groups with styles all their own. And no matter what your budget, you want your child's room to be a­s wonderful as he or she is. Relax. These pages can help:


Kids' Rooms Decor Comfort, style, practicality -- all these factors are important when decorating your kid's room. Get basic ideas to help define your child's space.

How to Design Children's Rooms Your decorating ideas will be based around a stable design for your child's room. Learn designing ideas that are safe and stylish.

Safety Tips for Decorating Kids' Rooms Safety is a number one priority when it comes to your children. Find out how to keep your kids safe and comfortable when playing in their rooms.

Guide to Decorating Kids' Rooms Everyone needs a little help when taking on a big project like redecorating. Use this helpful guide to take you step-by-step through decorating your child's room.

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas Your baby has many special needs. Create a nursery for your baby with special decorating ideas that meet all those needs and more.

Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas Once your baby toddles into the "terrible twos," you'll need a new decorating plan. Learn ideas that help your child develop and grow in style and comfort.

Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your kids grow up fast, and their needs and desires change just as quickly. Find decorating ideas that accomodate your child's changing style.

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A teen's bedroom is your child's space to get away from it all. Learn decorating ideas that offer compromise instead of arguments.

Playroom Decorating Ideas

Your child spends a lot of time playing and moving around. Decorate a playroom that is safe, comfortable, and affordable.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A neat and stylish bathroom is always the best way to go. Learn how to decorate a bathroom that will keep your kids safe and clean.

Consumer Guide Products

You'll want to fill your children's rooms with the best toys, accessories, and furniture. Find out the best among these recommended products.



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