What is your decorating personality?

Are you bright and bold or neutral and casual?
Are you bright and bold or neutral and casual?

Are you a lover of all things floral, or do you prefer clean, white walls in every room? Do you worship your huge, overstuffed sectional that swallows you up when you flop into it, or is your couch on a smaller scale with a low profile?

How you live says a lot about who you are, but like actual personality traits, sometimes it's not so black and white. Once you start looking around, though, we bet you'll find that you tend to fall more into a particular category. Unless you're masterful at combining the über eclectic, you'll find there aren't a lot of cohesive looks that pair Laura Ashley florals with Ikea's modern furniture. And though you may object to being put in a shabby chic box, you'll probably find that defining your decorating personality helps you stay focused on your vision.


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