How to Choose the Right Utility Tractor

A John Deere tractor.
A John Deere tractor.
AP Photo/Sara D. Davis

If you're serious about your lawn and garden, sooner or later, it's bound to happen -- your ambitions will outstrip your muscles, and you'll face a choice: Give up on your home and garden plans, or get some help.

Fortunately, when it comes to hobby farming, ranching or even just routine lawn care, there's plenty of help to be had -- big metal help, often in a certain shade of green.

While you may associate tractors with large farms, the fact is that tractors come in all shapes and sizes. Odds are, even if you just have a few acres, there are a number of utility tractors that could help make your life easier. And a tractor's usefulness goes well beyond plowing and tilling fields. With the proliferation of available attachments, today's utility tractor can handle whatever you can throw at it, from moving and spreading manure, clearing snow, digging post holes and, oh yeah, tilling soil and clearing brush, too.

Of course, with so many tractors able to handle so many jobs, finding the right tractor for your needs can be confusing. We'll help you determine how to choose the right utility tractor for your needs.