How to Get Play Dough Out Of Carpet

A girl playing dough.
The dough is a modeling substance that comes in different colors. Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

All children love to play with play dough, that modeling substance that comes in different colors. Smaller children enjoy squeezing the pliable material and feeling the play dough's texture and softness. There is of course one drawback to play dough -- it can get stuck in all sorts of places, including the carpet [source: Department of Health]. Here are some suggestions for getting that play dough out of your carpet.

  • Vacuum up as much of the play dough as you can. If there's still some play dough stuck to the carpet, try the next method.
  • Dampen a cloth with hot water, and place it on top of the play dough. Let it sit there for about an hour. This will soften the play dough, making it a lot easier to remove.
  • Brush the play dough off the carpet with a stiff brush to remove any small bits of play dough stuck to the carpet. It's best to do this when the play dough is dry. Be careful not to pull up some of the carpet with the play dough [source: Hasbro].
  • Stick more play dough onto the play dough stuck to the carpet. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, once you've stuck some more play dough on top of the existing play dough, you might be able to pull it all off the carpet together.