How to Grow a Lawn

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Water will help you grow a lawn.
Water will help you grow a lawn.
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In this article, we'll show you how to start and grow the lawn that's right for you.

We begin with suggestions for how to plan a landscape and lawn, including sketching out a map of how you will use the space available. You'll want to consider what activities you expect to take place on your lawn and plan accordingly.

We'll show you how movement enhances every lawn and landscape. Follow these tips and plan for the movement of light, wind, water and traffic across your lawn. We'll also show you how lawn accents can attract visitors and add charm to the landscape.

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Plant and grass selection is as important as any other step in creating your lawn. You'll want to select grasses, foliage, ground cover and other plants that suit your climate and soil conditions. Our recommendations for grass selection will put you on the right track in selecting for soil moisture, light availability, and expected growth heights. You may want to use various ornamental grasses to accentuate your lawn -- we'll show you how.

With your planning done and plant selections complete, you'll need to choose the method you'll use to start your lawn. We've provided helpful advice on using seed, sod, and plugs, including the benefits and possible drawbacks of each method.

Lastly, we'll show you how to cultivate and propagate ground cover to complete your lawn.

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