How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great source of enjoyment and relaxation, but when it comes to moving them, they're anything but that. Its odd shape and huge size makes moving a hot tub a real chore. Because it's so expensive, it becomes even more imperative to find a suitable way to move the tub. The best solution would be to leave it to the professionals. If you hire a mover to move your home, advise him that you have a hot tub so that he brings along the necessary equipment. However, with careful preparation and planning, you can move your hot tub by yourself [source: United Vanlines]. Moving a hot tub isn't a job for one person. You'll need at least two or three people to help you with the job. Here's how to safely move your tub.

Here's what you'll need:


  • Two 2-by-4 pieces of wood
  • Straps
  • Two furniture dollies

Here's what to do:

  1. Pack all the tub's accessories separately. The most common hot-tub accessories are the heater, blower, electrical units, pumps and plumbing units. All these should be packed individually.
  2. Drain the hot tub.
  3. Turn the tub on its side, carefully, so that it's easier to shift it. You'll need help with this step.
  4. Have two people lift one side of the tub by tilting it toward the other side.
  5. Place a 2-by-4 under the hot tub.
  6. Tilt the other side of the tub (i.e. the side that's still on the ground).
  7. Put the second 2-by-4 under the hot tub. The hot tub is now lying on two 2-by-4s and is 2 inches (5 centimeters) off the ground.
  8. Put the flat side (not the wheel side) of the furniture dollies under the tub between the two 2-by-4s. (One dolly should be on either side of the tub.)
  9. Strap the tub to the dollies.
  10. Slowly push the dollies to move the tub to its new place.

If you have to load it into a van or truck, make sure your helpers don't go away. You will need them to help load and unload the tub [source: Do It Yourself].