10 Surefire Ways to Get Rejected by a Co-op Board


Sitting on a co-op board is rarely, if ever, a paying position. As dogged as these people may seem, they likely have other lives full of other commitments. So the last thing anyone wants is to wade through a folder stuffed willy-nilly with your application documents. Avoid the overflowing taco.

Presumably, you're working with a broker who has experience landing clients in your chosen building. Ask your broker how board members prefer you to present information and follow these formatting suggestions to the letter. When in doubt, a document that's bound and includes color-coded tabs always looks professional.

In addition to making your application readable, taking time to organize your info shows both that you care about the outcome and that you're the type of person who dots i's and crosses t's -- both pluses in the eyes of a co-op board.

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