Buying a Home

Buying a home can be a daunting task, no matter how many times you've done it before. Find tips and tricks to finding the perfect house in these articles.

The home-sharing marketplace is booming but you could be exposed to liability without the proper insurance.

Millennials are buying homes in record numbers — for their dogs.

Those ocean views could be doing good things for your mental health.

Space isn't so far away, and falling junk can cause personal and property damage. What to do? The risk and remedies aren’t completely clear.

The housing crisis in the U.S. continues to rage on, with recent reports indicating that a new wave of foreclosures is expected to hit in 2012. What options do communities have in the face of this situation?

You've submitted several claims to your insurance company this year. Is there a chance they'll cancel your homeowner's policy? Possibly.

So, you've had some damage to your home and need to submit an insurance claim and have no clue how to go about it? We'll tell you exactly what to do.

Keep meaning to create a home inventory for insurance? Don't wait until it's too late.

You probably never think about flood insurance until you need it -- and then it's too late. But what's so different about this type of homeowners insurance and how can you be sure you're covered, just in case?

Think your homeowners insurance covers everything? Think again.

Paying for homeowners insurance may seem like money down the drain -- until you actually need it. We'll tell you 10 reasons why you do.

Ready to jump into the real estate market? Whether you're looking to buy your first home or invest in some rental property, foreclosed properties often offer up great discounts for those willing to put in a bit of extra effort.

Foreclosed properties are not hard to find in today's housing market, but you can't just walk up to a bank and buy one. Well, technically you could, but you wouldn't want to. There are things you need to do before purchasing a foreclosed home.

In a bad housing market, the option of rent-to-own property is an ideal compromise, which benefits both the buyer and the seller. Learn more about what option fees and rent premiums are from this article.

After viewing a dozen or more homes while shopping around for the perfect house, it’s hard to remember the details about each property. Learn about tips for viewing a house from this article.

Different eras and different areas have a variety of housing styles, each with its own typical layout and building materials. Learn about modern architectural house styles in this article.

After familiarizing yourself with your home, neighborhood and lifestyle, it’s time to choose an insurance carrier from which to purchase homeowners insurance. Learn more about how you purchase homeowners insurance from this article.

Earning equity in your home can happen slowly or quickly. Learn about fixed mortgage rates in this article.

Buying a repossessed houseboat can be a great way to get a houseboat at a bargain price. Learn whether you should buy a repossessed houseboat from this article.

While real estate investment clubs offer many benefits, not every community will have the type of club you’re looking for. You can learn more about how to establish a real estate investment club from reading this article.

Homeowners insurance can give you back a normal life after your house or possessions are damaged or lost. Learn about whether you need homeowners insurance from this article.

You can get additional homeowners insurance coverage if you need a higher liability than what is offered in the standard policy or for specific items of value. Learn more about additional homeowners insurance coverage from this article.

If you want to buy a new or used house but can't afford the market price, consider buying one at an auction. Read this article to learn how to buy a house at auction.

Home is where the heart is, but if your heart is in the right or wrong ZIP code it can certainly affect your house's value. We take a look at some notable examples and the lessons they provide.

Ever wonder where the rich and famous live in the United States? Wonder no more. While there are hundreds of possibilities, we'll narrow it down to the top 10, including the longtime bearers of wealth and the up-and-comers of the country's elite.