What are some repairs that require channel lock pliers?

Channel lock pliers, named after the American company that produces them – Channellock -- are used for grabbing and pinching things. They're made from sturdy materials such as high-carbon steel, and their gripping jaws provide a strong grip on an object. You can adjust channel lock pliers to accommodate any size object by sliding its jaws and locking them into place. In addition, channel lock pliers often have an undercut groove and tongue to keep the pliers from slipping and are covered with protective grips for comfort. Some channel lock pliers even have insulated handles to protect against electric current.

Since channel lock pliers can be used as pliers, wrenches or clamps, they're a versatile tool to have around the house and in case of an emergency. Firemen and emergency responders frequently use them to force entry into a building or vehicle. In addition, channel lock pliers are useful for various household tasks such as plumbing and electrical repairs and repairing outdoor furniture. The length of the channel lock pliers creates leverage so you don’t have to exert a lot of energy while using them. You can tighten wires, bolts and cables with ease.


You should not use channel lock pliers for cutting wire or with tasks that create a vibration since it will damage the head and the lock might accidentally open. Similarly, never use channel lock pliers as a hammer since the pliers may crack or break. Also, they shouldn’t be held while using a welding torch since the heat can serve as a conductor, and the comfort grips do not necessarily protect against an electric current or extreme heat.