Is there a thin spread adhesive for self-stick vinyl floor tiles?

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Key Takeaways

  • Thin spread adhesive is essential for securely laying vinyl floor tiles, with a variety available for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Products like Armstrong's S-700 and Roberts' 2057 Premium Vinyl Tile Adhesive offer solutions for different substrates, including concrete and plywood, with features like moisture resistance and easy clean-up.
  • The S-700 adhesive is suitable for use on all levels of concrete and over old adhesive residue, while the 2057 is environmentally safe and ideal for high-traffic areas.

Laying vinyl floor tiles is an easy do-it-yourself project. Making sure you have the right tools, equipment and conditions will assist you in completing a smooth and successful project. One product you will need for sticking vinyl floor tiles securely is thin spread adhesive. A variety of thin spread adhesives are available, and many suit both small residential and large commercial projects. Thin spread adhesives can be bought at home improvement stores and online.

The S-700 Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive is produced by a company called Armstrong, which is an international designer and manufacturer of residential and commercial building products. The company specializes in flooring, ceilings and cabinet products. The S-700 Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive is a water-based, nonflammable and ammonia-free adhesive. It’s black in color and takes about 30 minutes to dry once applied. The S-700 does not require substantial subfloor preparations and can be applied over older cutback adhesive residue. And, because it is moisture- and alkali-resistant, it can also be used on all grade levels of concrete. However, the S-700 is not stable enough to use in areas that will be affected by multiple freeze-thaw cycles and should not be applied to areas that will experience temperatures lower than 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius).


Another thin spread adhesive available for both private and commercial projects is the 2057 Premium Vinyl Tile Adhesive produced by a company called Roberts. Roberts has been producing a range of flooring products and tools for more than 70 years. Its 2057 product, which is available for purchase online, can be applied to a range of subfloors, including vinyl composition, vinyl asphalt tile, plywood and concrete. The thin formula dries clear and can be washed away with warm, soapy water before its 24-hour drying time. It’s also a solvent-free, environmentally safe formula that contains no volatile organic compounds and is suitable for high-traffic areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does thin spread adhesive take to dry?
The drying time can vary, but products like the S-700 typically take about 30 minutes to dry after application.
Is thin spread adhesive suitable for all types of subfloors?
Yes, certain products can be applied to a range of subfloors, including vinyl, plywood and concrete, but check product specifications for suitability.