5 Steps to Create a Unique Branch Decor

By: Home Made Simple
Unique Branch Décor
Decorating with branches from your neighborhood is simple and inexpensive.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

Decorating the interior of your home with elements of nature is nothing new, but here's a twist on the popular classic. Stripped branches provide a strikingly simple accent to any décor style. We've provided you with the basics from start to finish; all that's left for you to do is get outside, grab some wood and enjoy the results.

Decorating with branches from your neighborhood is simple and inexpensive. When coupled with a slim glass vase, this is a natural yet modern decorating technique.


1. Walk for Your Inspiration

Start this décor project by going for a walk. Go into your back yard, into a park or just for a walk around the block, keeping your eye out for pieces of wood on the ground. Look for interesting textures and shapes in branches. Sticks that have interesting angles or take unexpected turns are what you want-something that's going to create some visual intrigue.

Wishbones, curls and right angles can be among the pieces that'll look great. Long, strong branches work best, but go for a variety of lengths. Of course, keep in mind where you're going to be putting them in your home.


2. Simple Cleaning

Wash your branches with dish liquid and water. Be careful not to strip them clean of their bark. Just clean them enough to remove the dirt and grime on the wood. If you have a hose outside, you may find it easier to clean outdoors than in your sink.

Let the branches dry on a towel. As they're drying, take a look at them and start thinking about how you want to arrange them.


3. Arrangement Basics

Arrange your branches in a large, glass vase, at least 20 to 30 inches high and 8 to 12 inches wide. It needs to be big enough to support the weight of the branches and keep them from toppling over. Take the largest, heaviest piece and place it in the vase first. This will be the visual anchor of the arrangement. Get it in place first, then arrange all of the other pieces around it.

Add in a few of the smaller, simpler branches until you like how it's starting to look. Take a step back and admire your work. Notice how your eyes follow the lines of the arrangement and adjust the branches to create a balanced and artistic arrangement.


Another, even easier arrangement uses a single branch. Find one beautiful branch, with lovely texture and a whimsical shape, about 30 inches long. Place it in a fishbowl at an angle and you have a graceful and simple sculpture. If using a clear vase, consider adding wooden, glass or stone beads for additional visual interest. This will also add weight and stability to help prevent toppling.

4. Perfect Placement

Now decide where you're going to put your arrangement. Because the piece is simple and inviting, it should match many of the styles you've already used in your interior décor. This arrangement looks beautiful as a centerpiece, or on a side table or credenza in any living area. Place it on your kitchen island to create height and interest. Smaller versions can look great in a bathroom or hallway.

In fact, this arrangement is so versatile and pretty that you may want to keep it year round and move it to different spots in your home each season. And it is simple and inexpensive to update with new branches to keep it looking fresh and new, as well.


5. Other Décor Uses for Wood

By bringing in rustic materials from the outdoors, you can get inspired to revamp an area in your home that is seldom used. Here, a few scraps of gorgeous wood quickly become a natural nest for luminescent tea lights, perfect for setting an unused fireplace aglow.

Begin by perusing your yard or nearby woods for large scraps of wood. Large, solid pieces like birch logs work wonderfully, but you can also include smaller, irregular pieces, combining several shapes and textures for a natural, artistic aesthetic.


Piece your wood together as desired, securing the materials with decking screws and a drill. With a large drill bit make holes along flat, sturdy regions of the wood. Place the wood piece directly into the fireplace or on top of a grate. Securely fix small tea candles into the holes, then light.