Moody Houseplants

With the Pet Plant, you'd never have to wonder what your leafy friend is thinking.

E Dygas/Getty Images

As you wander through your home gadget tour, you feel you're being watched -- not by paintings on the walls with eyes but by houseplants. One plant to your left smiles at you and bats its eyelashes, another glares, and a third begs for water.

The Pet Plant, designed by Junyi Heo, makes knowing when to water your plant as easy as knowing when your dog is hungry. Optical sensors in the planter measure the soil temperature, moisture levels and light levels, and then the device displays a digital facial expression based on the plant's needs.

How is your plant feeling today? Is it angry at you for neglect? Is it feeling happy? Is it about to die? Now you'll know, just by looking at the digital face.

The pot connects to a USB cable that can download your plant's statistics -- soil moisture levels, light levels, temperature and near-death experiences -- into your computer, which helps you to keep track of its progress. Not only that, but it can tell when you've watered too much and siphons the extra water into a standby dish. Overall, the Digital Pot is a recipe not only for happy, healthy plants, but also friendly home décor (well…as long as you water the plants) [source: Yanko Design].

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