Electronic Bidet

Think of the time and energy you'd save not having to open and close your own toilet lid.

Glowimages/Getty Images

During your bathroom visit, the toilet lid rises to greet you. Nervously, you sit down. After you finish your business, a warm spray from behind surprises you and you think, "Is this France?" More surprisingly, however, the toilet then flushes itself and lowers its own lid. Bewildered, you take a closer look and notice that the toilet has a special seat attachment.

This toilet seat attachment is the Washlet S400. Designed by Toto, it only works with select Toto toilets (included here with the Vertebrae only for story-telling purposes). The Washlet is controlled by a wall-mounted remote control and can be set to work automatically. The innovative toilet raises and lowers the toilet lid (ending spats between you and your spouse), flushes automatically and acts as a bidet, spraying a warm stream of water onto the user for ultimate cleanliness. Toto products are not available online, but the Washlet can be found at retail stores across the U.S. and Canada for about $1,890 [source: European Sink Atlanta].

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