Find a Fresh Coat of Paint
Painted door

Even just focusing on a single door can change your outlook on a room.

Heather N. Kolich

Walls are the backdrop for all of your decorating schemes. One of the cheapest, simplest ways to change the look of a room is to change the color of your walls. Plus, a new coat of paint gives your room an overall feeling of freshness.

If you're not up for painting the whole room, paint less. Pick one wall and give it a coat of a contrasting color.

Still too much? Paint your door. Use an unexpected color for pop, or use two colors to bring out the contours of paneled doors. Even just painting the interior panels of your bookcase or an aging but still useful side table will give you decorator style on a minimal budget.

Another aspect of interior design that will affect the new colors you choose is lighting. What can you do to add a softer mood to a bland room?