Appeal to the Senses
Flowers on surface

An inexpensive bouquet of flowers will brighten up any space.

Heather N. Kolich

Decorating isn't just about eye appeal. It stimulates all the senses. In your furnishings, work in textures that beg to be touched -- like a butter-soft leather chair, chenille pillows or silky curtains.

If you're painting, you might even add textured paint to a wall. It'll look interesting to the eye, but you probably find yourself unable to resist running your hands across the walls as you pass through the house.

Bring in pleasant sounds with a table-top fountain or wind chimes hung just outside a window. Incorporate scent with aromatic candles, a stylish bowl of potpourri or a cylinder of fragrant oil with defusing reeds.

Speaking of senses, adding one or two accent colors can be a quick way to bring character into a room. Read more about it on the next page.