Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair
dog and cat fur

We love our pets like family, but they can leave behind a real mess.


If you live in a pet-friendly household, you know how fun, funny and endearing a pet can be to have around. Developing a close bond with a cat or dog can help reduce your blood pressure and give you a more positive outlook on life, too. It isn't all romps in the park and peekaboo games with the catnip mouse, though. With all that unflagging devotion and unqualified acceptance comes lots of pet hair. Why, oh why does your favorite fur ball have to shed so darned much, anyway? Isn't life tough enough just making sure he eats a balanced diet and gets his shots on time?

When the dust bunnies under your couch start to look furry enough to warrant a call to the exterminator, we have some suggestions that will make it easier to control pet hair and breathe a sigh of relief -- without the risk of coughing up a hairball.