Things You Should Do One Month Before You Move
Couple packing surrounded by boxes.

With one month to go before the big move, packing is key -- but what else is a must-do?

iStockphoto.com/Steve Cole

One month before your move is crunch time. Hopefully, you got some of your packing out of the way last month. If so, you probably focused on your nonessential items -- your out-of-season clothing, your fanciest china, your holiday wares and other items you didn't expect to use in the near future. During this month, you'll start to pack up the stuff you use more often, leaving out the absolute essentials to the end of the month, right before your move. Your place might look like chaos, but when moving day arrives, you'll be more than ready to load up the truck. What else should be on your to-do list for the month?