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An Idiot Abroad: No Doors on Toilets
Karl stops into a Chinese public restroom and is shocked to find no doors on any of the toilets!
An Idiot Abroad: No Doors on Toilets
Karl stops into a Chinese public restroom and is shocked to find no doors on any of the toilets!
Bizarre ER: When Toilets Attack!
Usually medical professionals are able to keep a cool demeanor, but when a patient has a painful encounter with a toilet, no one is able to keep a straight face.
Dr. Know: How Dirty Are Bathrooms?
Rumor has it that flushing a toilet is akin to spraying bacteria all over the bathroom. Learn more about spraying bacteria in this video from Discovery.
Dr. Know: Toilet Paper
Does toilet paper protect your hands from bacteria in the bathroom? Learn more about bathroom hygiene in this video from Discovery.
Endoscopy Test
The preparation is the worse than the test when it comes to endoscopy tests. Learn more about the gastrointestinal system in this video from Discovery.
G Word: Composting Toilet
Learn an eco-friendly way to discard of human waste on Planet Green's "G Word."
G Word: Down the Drain
How many gallons are used per toilet flush? Come along with "G Word" on the street quizzer, Lori Harfenist, to find out.
G Word: Gallons and Gallons
Where does all that water go after you flush? Find out by watching this Planet Green video featuring "G Word" quizzer Lori Harfenist.
G Word: Toilet Trivia
Eco quizzer Lori Harfenist hits the streets to find out who knows how much water their toilets use. Learn more in this clip from Planet Green's "G Word."
G Word: Toilet Trivia
Planet Green's "G Word" asks: What happens when you flush a toilet? Correspondent Lori Harfenist hits the streets to get answers.
Gimme Shelter: Bathroom Water Savers
Did you know that bathrooms are one of the biggest water wasters? Plumber Bob Delucchi gives us a few bathroom tips that will help conserve water in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Gimme Shelter."
How Replacing Toilets Works
A family of four can consume more than 300 galloons of water per day. Old toilets use 5 galloons per flush, and this water use quickly adds up. Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast and learn why cities across the US are replacing their old commodes.
MythBusters: 40 Fan Handshakes
Is Jamie Hyneman getting sick after shaking hands with fans? Adam Savage has the very confusing ... non-answer.
MythBusters: Blue Ice Aftershow
Why wasn't "real toilet matter" used in the "Blue Ice" experiment? How impressed -- or not -- was NASA with the MythBusters' results? Kari, Grant and Tory take you behind the scenes.
MythBusters: Car Drop MiniMyth
See why this scene of a car being dropped from nearly a mile in the air as a car on the ground races it to the target zone is one of MythBusters executive producer Dan Tapster's faves.
MythBusters: Car Skip High-Speed
Watch in slow motion what happened when the MythBusters put the car-skip scene from Cannonball Run to the test.
MythBusters: Corner-Shot MiniMyth
Kari, Grant and Tory take on the movie Wanted: Can a gun really shoot around a corner?
MythBusters: Curve a Bullet MiniMyth
Watch the Mythbusters examine a mini myth about bullets.
MythBusters: Dimpled Car MiniMyth
Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take the expression "golf-ball effect" on a car to a whole new level ... and are surprised by the results.
MythBusters: Duct Tape Island Aftershow
Was this episode difficult to film? Did Jamie cheat when making the solar still? Which was the hardest build? And why no duct-tape toilet? Jamie and Adam revisit Duct Tape Island ... and virtual monkeys.
MythBusters: Extended V MiniMyth
Could airplanes save fuel by flying in a more realistic -- and safer -- EXTENDED V-formation? See what Kari, Grant and Tory concluded.
MythBusters: Nastier Than a Toilet
Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman collect bacteria samples from keyboards, cell phones and other everyday items to find out if they are truly dirtier than a toilet.
MythBusters: Rat-Pee Soda
Are most cans contaminated by rat urine, and if so, is drinking from one fatal ? Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman put a popular chain letter to the test.
MythBusters: Riding the Vortex
Ever wonder why birds fly in V-formation? Kari and Tory get the scientific scoop from Institute of Bird Populations biologist Peter Pyle.
MythBusters: Rocket-Sled Mini Myth
Watch Adam Savage drool as he and Jamie discover just how compact a compact car can get.
MythBusters: Small-Scale Skip
In order to test whether a car can bounce across the surface of a pond -- as seen in the Cannonball Run -- Tory Bellici must first go small-scale.
MythBusters: Super-Charged Car Skip
Can a full-size car really skip over water like in the movie Cannonball Run? Tory, Jesse and Grant put their super-charged car to the test.
MythBusters: Swimming in Syrup MiniMyth
Can you swim as fast in 12,000 gallons of syrup as you can in water? Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage swim for science.
MythBusters: The Treacherous Toilet
Little did Jamie Hyneman know that replicating the infamous Lethal Weapon "toilet bomb" scene could cause such pain, not to mention serious medical issues.
MythBusters: Toilet Bomb Aftershow
Jamie and Adam address the testing of "old, crap" movies, non-numb legs, cast-iron bathtubs, vaporized toilets and perhaps MOST importantly, their favorite Mel Gibson movie.
MythBusters: Um, Awkward!
There was no way around it: In order to test the "toilet bomb" myth from Lethal Weapon, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage had to get REALLLLLLY up close and personal.
Some Assembly Required: Hardening the Toilets
On Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required," after being put in a mold, the toilets are heated so they harden. It takes 16 hours in the heated tunnel for the newly molded toilets to harden and be ready for the next steps.
Some Assembly Required: Slip and Toilet Construction
One of the prime ingredients in toilet construction is slip, which is a combination of clays and minerals that becomes ceramic when put in intense heat. Watch how toilets are made on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
Some Assembly Required: Toilet Molding and Operation
Learn how toilets, sinks and urinals are made and how they work on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
Unchained Reaction: Falling Up
How do you make balloons able to lift up a safe? Not easily, as Team Blecha Brothers -- consisting primarily of Hollywood set carpenters -- discovers.