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PS-900 Soldering System

When not in use, this soldering iron can go into sleep mode.
When not in use, this soldering iron can go into sleep mode.
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When two metal surfaces need to be joined together and they can't be melted, you'll be reaching for your trusty soldering iron. Soldering makes use of the fact that different metals have different melting points -- using a metal alloy with a lower melting point than the two you're joining does the trick.

Soldering can be tricky, though. Getting just the right amount of heat and solder onto your project can be challenging, especially if you're using a solder that needs a lot of heat like some of the lead-free ones. Then there's the wetting and the fluxes and the danger that you haven't formed a strong enough bond between what you're trying to connect. There's a lot to consider in good soldering.

Because of all this, many companies develop technologies to make the process go more smoothly. One example is OK International, a company that develops and sells tools for electronics assembly equipment, like their PS-900 Soldering Station.

The PS-900 uses SmartHeat Technology to provide extremely steady levels of heat throughout the soldering process -- that is, until you set it in the handy auto-sleep workstand. Lead-free alloys work great with the PS-900. Depending on what you're using to solder, and what you're soldering on, the company offers different tips to get the best match. This soldering system can also be used with other OK International products like their fume extraction systems, fluid dispensers and other related tools.

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