10 Green Lawns Without a Blade of Grass


Edible Landscaping

How great would it be to walk out your front door on a warm summer morning and pick a handful of raspberries from your lawn? You can do just that if you plant some edible landscaping. This lawn alternative involves replacing part or all of your grass with fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. It's different from traditional gardening in that plants aren't grown in rows and hidden away in the back yard. Rather, they're arranged for their ornamental qualities and displayed in a prominent location for all to see.

Like gardens, edible landscaping requires a certain amount of maintenance. Many fruits and vegetables are annuals, meaning they must be replanted each year. Regular watering is usually needed to keep them alive and productive during the warm summer months. Still, the effort and resources you put into your lawn are more justified when it's feeding you. As foodie author Michael Pollan eloquently puts it, "[g]ardening, as opposed to lawn care, tutors us in nature's ways, fostering an ethic of give-and-take with respect to the land."