How to Build Squirrel Feeders

Squirrels are a joy to watch -- when they stick around long enough to watch. Of course squirrels aren't too picky about where they dine. If you're not careful, they may take up residence in you attic, so it's important to close up any holes that may let them in. They're also known to go for bird feeders. Having a few squirrel feeders around should keep them away from your bird feeders [source: Maryland].

Squirrels love to play, so here's how to build a spinning feeder that should keep them busy long enough to get a few good photos (or even a video). You'll need the following items:


  • Two 1-foot (30.5 centimeter) 1-by-2-inch boards
  • A hammer
  • Four large nails
  • One very large nail
  • Two pine cones coated in syrup and bird seed
  • Two corn cobs

Here's how to build the squirrel feeder:

  1. Hammer the large nails all the way into the ends of both boards, approximately 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) from the edge.
  2. Choose a tree whose trunk is reasonably straight, so the boards will spin freely.
  3. Place the boards so they're centered against the tree and perpendicular to each other. The nails of both boards should be pointing outward.
  4. Hammer the very large nail through the center of the boards and into the tree.
  5. Press a pine cone or corn cob onto each of the first four nails hammered into the boards [source: Building a Spinning Squirrel Feeder].

Now find a good spot where you can watch the fun while the squirrels try to get to the food on the spinning feeder. Don't worry; squirrels love to play a good game. Don't forget your camera...