10 Reasons to Telecommute


Flexibility in Schedule

Along with flexibility in location, telecommuting can also mean flexibility with your time. "Scheduling conflicts related to personal and professional obligations, and not lack of money, is usually the main reason an employee seeks a telework arrangement," Rhodes said.

Flexibility in work schedule can allow an employee to hone in on the best work time for him and his clients. This could mean starting a little earlier, perhaps the hour you would have spent in the car. For those that are morning people, this might be your most productive or creative time of the day. This can also be a benefit for those that have many clients in different time zones [source: Rhodes].

A flexible work arrangement could also allow employees to take advantage of doing errands during off-times when others might be in the office. Going to the bank at 10 a.m. could save an employee time and stress. An employee might also do this with exercising. If your optimum exercise time is 3 p.m., you can take a jog then and work later to make up for that time [source: Gordon].