Home Offices

A home office should suit your needs, be based on plans and include workspaces that make sense. Learn how to plan, outfit and maintain a home office.

Whether we like to admit it or not, much of our lives are spent at the office. While we're there, Can improve overall quality of life and reduce our carbon footprint just as we do when we're at home?

If you work from home, it's good to have a home office -- one that's organized, comfortable and separated somehow from your living space. So where do you start?

A sturdy desk and comfortable chair are basic home office furniture and can be bought secondhand. Learn about what type of home office furniture to buy from this article.

Although telecommuting has become very popular, it does have security risks. Learn about some telecommuting security concerns from this article.

Put together a solid proposal regarding how your telecommuting will be beneficial to your company. Learn about the best way to ask if a company is open to telecommuting from this article.

If you want to save paper when printing a document, consider learning how to copy two pages onto one sheet when printing. Read this article to learn how to copy two pages onto one when printing.

Fax machines are considered standard equipment in offices and many homes. Learn if you should bother getting a fax machine for your home office in this article.

A growing number of employers are offering telecommuting options, so perhaps the time has come to set up a home office. Learn more about home office essentials in this article.

Telecommuting will save you time and money, and it’s good for the environment and for your health. Learn whether you should consider telecommuting in this article.

With all the technology now available, it's possible to create and store almost all the documents you need without using any paper. Find out how to make a (nearly) paperless office in this article.

Organize your home office with labeled boxes, binders, baskets and valets. Learn how to organize your home office in this article.

At least part of your life revolves around your home office. That life can get chaotic in a hurry if your office is a mess. Don't worry, though: If you've got 48 hours and a little patience, we can fix that for you.

Cords are tangled, papers are strewn everywhere, and it takes you an hour to find a pair of scissors or a pencil, let alone an important financial statement. What can you do to streamline your home office?

As the way people work continues to evolve, telecommuting is becoming a more common option. How can working remotely benefit you and your employer?

Home office decor pictures will give you insight into how other teleworkers design their work space. Check out these home office decor pictures to learn more.

If you're one of the lucky ones who is able to work from home, then there are five things you can't live (or work) without. And while this list may not include everything, it will get you started.

Greening your home office will take more that just buying environmentally friendly products to fill it up with. You'll also have to change some of your behaviors to really make a difference.

Telecommuting is an attractive alternative to office work for many people. Learn all about telecommuting in this article.

Faxing documents from your cell phone makes it easy to do business from anywhere. Learn more about faxing documents with camera phone in this article.

Paperless home offices reduce environmental impact, save money and increase office efficiency and security. Learn about paperless home offices in this article.

HotSpot@Home lets you make cell phone calls over your home WiFi network. Learn how this useful technology integrates seamlessly between two networks.

With faxing over the Internet, you can send and receive faxes via e-mail. Learn how this technology works.

Incorporating your personal style into your home office decoration is key to finding fun at work. Learn how to find and furnish your personal style to create an inviting work space.

Compressed air is great for cleaning dust or stuck-on food out of appliances and electrical fixtures. Learn how air can be a handy home repair tool.

Working from home can be a great time saver, and it offers incredible flexibility in your schedule -- but not if you sacrifice the perks of a standard office. Learn how to set up a home office that meets all your needs.