10 Tips to Select Outdoor Furniture

Follow the Sales
Take the time to find the bargain.
Take the time to find the bargain.

Everybody loves a bargain, and seasonal items like outdoor furnishings can vary in price by as much as 40 percent depending on when and where you buy. Avoid buying in spring unless you can score deep promotional discounts. By far the best time to buy is between July 5 (right after the holiday) and the end of the summer selling season in late August (in most parts of the country).

Even if you buy in August and store your purchases in the garage or basement until next spring, you'll end up way ahead. Large chain stores that have seasonal departments that need to clear out and restock regularly are your best bets for unadvertised bargains. If you see something you like, ask the department manager for an extra discount. You might be surprised at what he's willing to offer. It never hurts to ask.