5 Must-have Accessories for Your Bowl Mixer

Mixers are time- and labor-saving gadgets, but with attachments, they become powerful, multipurpose kitchen engines. See more cake pictures.
ŠiStockphoto.com/Nicolas McComber

If you're contemplating a flurry of baking, say for whipping up a variety of homemade goodies for the holidays, your bowl mixer (also known as a stand mixer) is fantastic for saving time and muscle fatigue. While you've got one batch of ingredients in the mixer, you can be busy measuring out the components for your next recipe. But if you haven't taken your mixer beyond cake batter and bread dough yet, you're missing out on a whole world of culinary possibilities. With a few accessories, your bowl mixer can save you time, money and space by doing the work of other kitchen tools.

Read on to see what accessories we've found to be must-have additions to our stand mixers.